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Our goal is to make this process as quick and easy for our patients as we can. Contact the scheduler (Shawna) by phone or text to check status if you have not been contacted within 2 business days.


  • Scheduler will obtain authorization from your insurance, if needed
  • Scheduler will contact you to confirm a time slot for your MRI, etc
  • Please let us know if you have a preferred day or time or specific location, or if you would just like the first time and place available
  • Once MRI is completed, our office will schedule for you to review images and treatment plans/options with the doctor


  • We will work to schedule you at an imaging center that will be the lowest out of pocket cost for you
  • You may need to meet your insurance deductible to have coverage of the cost, and there may be a % of the charges you owe out of pocket
  • In some cases, we may be able to schedule you faster (same or next day) and at a lower cost if we do a cash pay MRI. We can provide more information if you would like to know about this option