Elbow Injuries

Las Vegas’ Orthopedic Elbow Specialists

The elbow is a joint of three bones: the upper arm bone, the humerus, and the two forearm bones, the radius and ulna. The lower end of the humerus has bony bumps called epicondyles that serve as sites of attachment for major tendons and muscles that help in arm movement. The bump on the inside of the elbow is called the medial epicondyle. It helps to attach the tendons and muscles that help extend your fingers and wrist.

Most day-to-day activities involve your elbow, so a bit of elbow pain every now and then usually isn’t serious. But when the pain becomes constant or severe, it’s time for your physician to have a look.

Because the elbow is complex, the type of injuries, and severity of those injuries vary widely. The list below provides more information about the most common elbow injuries.